We are delighted to share the exciting news of 360 Degree Design Studio’s feature in Showcase magazine. This article showcases the exemplary work of Architect Yasmin Ismail, the Principal architect of 360DDS, and their meticulous design of the ‘Farooq’s Residence’ located in Jamalpur Palli, the heart of the capital.

Architect Yasmin Ismail masterfully blended traditional elements with contemporary design to create a timeless luxury that caters to the needs of the multi-generational family residing in the residence. Overcoming challenges such as merging three small apartments and maximizing natural light and airflow, the architect succeeded in crafting a space that nurtures the living style of the residents.

The residence boasts a formal foyer, with a staircase leading to the upper floor, where the traditional terracotta art pieces on the walls and a modern chandelier hanging above the staircase create a captivating ambiance. The unit floor is divided into a formal living room, guest room, family living room, dining area, parents’ bedrooms, a central semi-private room, and two functional bedrooms.

Architect Yasmin’s vision of creating spaces that allude to art and provide breathing space for clients shines through in this project. The blend of ancestral furniture, contemporary design, and subcontinental influences creates an elegant and timeless aesthetic. The choice of materials such as brick, concrete, and wood preserves the natural surroundings, while vibrant color palettes add visual interest and a touch of vibrancy.

A notable design detail is the introduction of rattan cane patterns and colorful doors in the client’s bedroom, embodying the desired traditional subcontinent look. This fusion of modern-colored patterns and wooden textures results in a vibrant and expressive space.

360 Degree Design Studio’s feature in Showcase magazine highlights their commitment to creating homes that seamlessly integrate tradition and modernity, providing functionality and a luxurious simplicity that is synonymous with the Gawsia family. To explore more captivating projects and experience the magic of 360 Degree Design Studio, we invite you to visit their website and embark on a journey of inspired interior design.

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